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29 Apr, 2024

4 Must-Know Strategies For Amazon Success

Navigating the complexities of Amazon can be daunting, but with a structured approach and deep understanding of the platform, brands can thrive. While the to-do list for Amazon strategies can be endless, we believe there are 4 non-negotiables when it comes to success on Amazon. If you can’t execute well on these, you won’t succeed.

1. Data, Data, and More Data.

This starts with a deep understanding of your customers and how they shop. Utilizing The Bluebird Group’s proprietary system, Satellite, transforms your approach by collecting deep insights about customer journeys. Key features like repeat purchase reporting and ratings and reviews provide a robust understanding of your customer's value. Further, the Amazon Selling Partner App connects brands directly with Amazon’s API, offering accurate and frequently updated data, and the ability to store brand-specific reports. This powerful combination allows brands to grasp their market and audience thoroughly.

Cross-Retailer Insights

The Bluebird Group’s data platform collects & merges analytics empowering your brand to tell its story effectively and discover growth opportunities. Because we operate across multiple retailer channels, our brands have the advantage of utilizing insights across a broader spectrum of shoppers. It's vital to research demographic trends and online behaviors. These activities provide foundational knowledge essential for crafting effective Product Detail Pages (PDPs) and optimizing Amazon Brand Store pages.

2. Product Detail Pages That Built Trust

Creating a Unified Brand Voice: A consistent strategy that aligns your brand voice across all platforms—from ads to product pages—is crucial. It helps in generating demand from the initial awareness stage to conversion and fostering sustained loyalty.

Here are tips to make your PDPs stand out:

  • Optimize Your Product Titles: Ensure your product titles are clear, descriptive, and include relevant keywords. A good title should convey the essential details about the product, such as brand, model, size, quantity, color, and other distinguishing features. The ideal length should keep the main keywords within the first 80 characters to ensure visibility in search results.
  • Enhance Your Product Descriptions with Rich Content: Utilize Amazon's A+ Content feature (to include detailed descriptions, charts, HD images, and comparison tables. Remember, the PDP is there to build trust. This can help you better inform potential customers about the product's benefits and uses, and address common customer questions.
  • Use High-Quality Images and Videos: Images are a critical part of your listing. Include high-resolution images that cover different angles and show lifestyles of the product in use. This helps customers better understand the product and reduces uncertainty that could prevent a purchase. In 2024, adding videos is more than just an interactive experience – it’s a must have that influences buying decisions. Our creative team excels in producing both promotional and lifestyle images and videos that foster deeper connections with customers at the moment of discovery.
  • Incorporate Strategic Keywords: Keywords are essential for visibility and search relevance on Amazon. Use keyword research tools to identify high-volume search terms that are relevant to your product. Incorporate these keywords into your title, bullet points, and description in a natural, readable manner. Avoid keyword stuffing as it can detract from the user experience and potentially harm your rankings.
  • Encourage Customer Reviews and Q&A: Encourage customers to leave reviews and respond promptly to questions posted in the Q&A section of your product page. Reviews and answered questions serve as social proof, enhance your product’s credibility, and can address common concerns that potential buyers might have. Regularly updating your responses based on new information or customer feedback keeps your page dynamic and engaging.

3. Invest in your Amazon Brand Store

Picture your brand store as a canvas where creative elements blend seamlessly with analytical precision – the timeless fusion of art and science. The goal is to create compelling brand storytelling while ensuring optimal performance. And where does this all begin? Right on your homepage.

Make navigation a breeze and ensure your best sellers take center stage. Easy navigation is key. Consider the case of Thermacell, a brand that nails it:

  • Striking Brand Story: "Unmosquito your life" takes center stage, resonating with the audience.
  • Interactive Shopping: Quick info allows users to hover and shop best sellers effortlessly.
  • Clear Categorization: Simplified navigation through clear categorization.
  • Irresistible Deal: A compelling "Subscribe and Save" banner beckons customers.
  • Engaging Video: A brand storytelling video highlights niche benefits and customer desires.6 Steps to Amazon success
Thermacell Brand Store  

Invest the time, money, and talent into your brand store like you would your website. This is the place where you can make it easy for your customer by creating a space that showcases what they want. The brand store isn’t the place to throw every item you sell. It’s the place that should be easy to navigate, surprise and delight, and highlight your best sellers.

4. Full Funnel Marketing

Leverage the full spectrum of Amazon’s advertising solutions, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. Each offers unique benefits, such as increased product visibility and higher conversion rates through targeted placements.

Cross-Platform Integration:

Integrate your Amazon marketing strategies with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to create a unified brand presence. This holistic approach ensures that customers receive consistent messaging, which can increase brand recognition and loyalty.

Utilizing Amazon DSP:

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) allows brands to reach audiences both on and off Amazon with display, video, and audio ads. It’s particularly effective for retargeting customers who have viewed your products but haven’t made a purchase, keeping your brand top-of-mind.

To solve the problem of brand awareness for Ketona, we used display tactics through Amazon DSP and Amazon Sponsored Display (SD). This approach was based on the ability to use Amazon audiences to meet customers where they are in their purchase journey rather than relying on a specific search to expose consumers to our brand.

Display tactics not only increased brand awareness, but improved consideration performance across campaigns. Overall, display and search campaigns drove +127% increase in impressions, +238% increase in clicks, +55% increase in click-through-rate, and -15% in cost-per-click. Search campaigns alone saw an impact from display with +50% impressions, +197% clicks, and +110% click-through-rate.

Ketona Brand Store

In 2024, the evolution of the retail media sector presents brands with challenges in effectively gauging the impact of their advertising campaigns. As we pointed out in our Retail Media Unpacked Report, this growth spurt brings with it a blend of promising new capabilities alongside intricate measurement complications.

Amidst this complexity, there's a notable shift in focus among brands and retailers. They're actively moving away from relying solely on conventional metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS) to embrace more concrete indicators of business success, such as acquiring new customers and enhancing customer lifetime value. This shift underscores the pressing need for a comprehensive strategy that can accurately measure the genuine effects of retail media investments across the highly varied and segmented technological ecosystems.

To maximize success on Amazon, it's vital to adopt a multi-faceted and data-driven approach. By continuously evolving your strategies to align with new tools, consumer insights, and best practices, you can maintain a competitive edge and grow your brand’s presence effectively on one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms.

For omnichannel growth, we blend data, tech, and creativity to drive results. Our integrated omnichannel strategies have turbocharged partner sales. With deep expertise in physical and digital retail, we optimize total sales across major retailers. We are The Bluebird Group - an omnichannel retail partner that’s all-in on growth for your brand to reach your shoppers wherever they are.