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We are The Bluebird Group - an omnichannel retail partner that’s all-in on growth for your brand to reach your shoppers wherever they are.

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We grow brands at all stages of their growth cycle

Today’s consumers move fluidly across both physical and digital touchpoints. The Bluebird Group simplifies the retail ecosystem and reflects the shopper journey so brands can grow and sell everywhere.

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“We have been able to grow the business to tens of millions as a result of their coaching and their partnership.” Mike Beckham, CEO, Simple Modern
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“The Bluebird Group team is a best-in-class partner of growth and execution in CPG. They are game-changers, brand ambassadors and collaborators.” Jessie Atherley, Director of Sales

Meet the team smashing targets

We are a hands-on and involved team of highly-seasoned retail experts that partner to help your brand succeed.

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Nic Reynolds
Richelle Garden
Hector Garcia
Tyler Darnall
Michelle Vaith
Ben Broos
Emily Schmidt
Nate Uzlik
John Crimmins
Brandon Smith
Emily Eckdahl
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Kristin Wild Cooper
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Paige Spaulding
Anna Bever
Chelsea Thomas
Ray Hathaway
Charles Stormzand
Courtney Schofield
Travis Wells
Oscar Hinojosa
Brandon Gatzke
Keegan Loyd () stone
Ian White
Trent Daniel
Megan Petermann
Mike Guild
Colleen Lauren
Gavin Kulick
Alec Holen
Kara Novak
Jay Musolf
Cam Sundin
Drew Kremer
Johni Gabriele
Victoria Smith
Tony Hall
Brett Kasten
Scott Sinclair Gray

Nic Reynolds

VP of Sales, Best Buy