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We help brands win, and stay ahead at retail.

Navigating today’s retail environment in order to maximize potential and mitigate risk takes careful consideration, innovative thinking and years of experience.

Sales Strategy

We possess the knowledge, expertise, and industry connections needed to navigate the complex process of securing retail distribution.

We gain valuable insights with frequent merchant engagement that give a competitive advantage when it comes to securing shelf space.

Planning & Account Management

We tailor solutions to meet your unique needs. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail make us a valuable partner for any business looking to achieve long-term success and growth.

When you partner with The Bluebird Group, you can trust that your account will never go on autopilot.

Digital Optimization

Our team integrates with key areas of your retail specific digital commerce strategy to provide your team with innovative solutions to increase sales.

We approach the online / offline experience in tandem and find levers to grow the 360 approach within the retailer.

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We know retailers, and they know us.

Our tech brings together all your retail data in one place

Our proprietary technology merges data sources for robust analytics, empowering brands to tell their story and gain actionable insights for retail growth.

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Amazon Satellite Software

Driven by data, led by experts

We are a hands-on and involved team of highly-seasoned retail and sales experts with direct retailer experience.

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Jay Musolf

VP of Sales, Kohls

Retail Store line of Shopping Carts

Retailers are connected, your strategy should follow suit.

We help you master the entire retail ecosystem – we have a Full-Service Model structured in a way that no core operational function needs to be outsourced.

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