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retailer category consulting conversations in 2023
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What we do:

  • Product Development Support
  • Brand Benchmarking and Identification
  • Trend Insights and Forecasting
  • Rich Audience Analysis
  • Social Monitoring
  • Marketing Channel Effectiveness
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Tools, insights and automation are critical to supporting our clients in the current retail landscape. We have deep understanding of traditional data sets but invest in tools that provide a predictive approach to growing retail sales.

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Discover the sweet spot in your e-commerce data

Learn how The Bluebird Group drives deeper connections between your brand and your customer through data, technology, and creativity.

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Track consumer’s purchase intention with data-driven accuracy

  • Brand + product level insights
  • Early signals of trends and preferred purchasing destinations
  • Combines upper funnel and lower funnel demand signals
  • Directionally accurate but ultra granular.


category consulting conversations in 2023

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