Move Beyond Sponsored Product
10 Jul, 2024

Amazon Ads: Expanding Beyond Sponsored Products for Greater Success

With Amazon ramping up the volume and size of ad placements, organic listings are increasingly pushed down the page. To thrive on Amazon, it's crucial to diversify advertising strategies beyond bottom-funnel tactics and leverage various ad types to engage shoppers at every touchpoint.

Moving Beyond Sponsored Products

Most advertisers begin with Sponsored Products to capture high-intent shoppers and drive sales. However, it's essential to know when to expand to middle-funnel and upper-funnel ads. Here are key indicators for expansion:

  • Assess Non-Branded Performance: If Sponsored Products level out, it's time to explore other ways to drive category growth.
  • Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads: These tactics boost visibility, control messaging with custom imagery and video, and protect branded search results from competitors.

Sponsored Brands: Telling Your Story

Sponsored Brands ads, positioned at the top of search results, are a visually striking way to capture attention. These ads allow tight control over your message, making them ideal for highlighting unique products. Create a consistent strategy that unites brand voice across all platforms and ads, generating demand from first awareness, to conversion, to sustained loyalty.

Sponsored Display: Non-Branded Growth

Sponsored Display ads offer diverse placements and use cases. They can defend your product pages from competitors, enhance cross-sell or upsell opportunities, and introduce audience targeting. This makes Sponsored Display a great entry point to Amazon DSP.

Amazon DSP: The Next Step

If Sponsored Ads have saturated your customer base, Amazon DSP is ideal for further growth. It helps in:

  • Scaling New-to-Brand Customer Acquisition
  • Amplifying Brand Presence
  • Driving Incremental Sales

With granular targeting options, Amazon DSP allows brands to curate audiences and extend reach. Its creative flexibility supports personalized branding efforts, from Lifestyle imagery to Product-centric visuals. The Bluebird Group helps ambitious brands combine creative elements essential for compelling brand storytelling with the analytical rigor required to optimize performance across retailer platforms.

Engaging Video Ads

For enhanced brand presence, video ads on Amazon DSP are highly effective. From promotional to life style videos, connect with your customers in the moment of discovery. Our creative team creates videos that drive deeper connections between your brand and your customers. Options include Streaming TV, Prime Video (CTV), and Online Video. High-quality production and significant investment in testing are crucial for maximum impact.

Customizable Strategies

Amazon DSP offers customizable strategies to align with various objectives, whether it's driving New To Brand or ROAS. The flexibility in tactics accommodates shifting priorities, empowering brands to control their narrative on and off Amazon.

Amazon's advertising landscape is dynamic, requiring diversification beyond Sponsored Products. Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads enhance visibility and messaging, while Amazon DSP offers precision targeting and scalable growth. Balancing investments between Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP ensures brands adapt to market changes and achieve sustained success on Amazon.

Experiment with different ad tactics to find the best mix for reaching your customers. For omnichannel growth, we blend data, tech, and creativity to drive results. Our integrated retail media strategies have turbocharged partner sales, surpassing basic advertising metrics. With deep expertise in physical and digital retail, we optimize total sales across major retailers.